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DEBUSSY / Estampes, Études, Images

Nelson Goerner Debussy Zig-Zag Territoires




- ZZT 326

- Released on September 24th 2013

- 1 CD / 74'38

- Recorded in Berlin on April 2013
  (Teldex Studio) 

- Sound recording, artistic direction & editing: 

  Franck Jaffrès
- Production manager: Virgile Hermelin

- Artwork: Jérôme Witz 


- Video



Nelson Goerner Diapason dor de lannée 2013         Outhere music Nelson Goerner  


Obviously, from the performer of these pieces - of all the pieces on this disc -, one will expect mastery and sensitivity. But even more is necessary: gifts of a colourist; an imagination of the settings; a vision of the sound planes and space. And also, for these pieces that are heirs to and the summary of such a glorious tradition, it also calls for broad knowledge and culture of the piano repertoire. The performer of the Etudes stands at the arrival of an itinerary, that of the keyboard "en blanc et noir". He must know everything and play almost everything. Nelson Goerner is that performer.
(Dominique Jameux)



Table of contents



1Estampes, L. 100: I. Pagodess

2Estampes, L. 100 : II. La soirée dans Grenade soundcloud

3Estampes, L. 100 : III. Jardins sous la pluie

4Études, Book 2, L. 136: VII. Pour les degrès chromatiques

5Études, Book 2, L. 136: VIII. Pour les agréments

6Études, Book 2, L. 136: IX. Pour les notes répétées

7Études, Book 2, L. 136 : X. Pour les sonorités opposées

8Études, Book 2, L. 136: XI. Pour les Arpèges composés

9Études, Book 2, L. 136: XII. Pour les accords

10Images, Book 1, L. 110 : I. Reflets dans l'eau

11Images, Book 1, L. 110: II. Hommage à Rameau

12Images, Book 1, L. 110 : III. Mouvement

13L'isle joyeuse